Giacomo’s Cigars was started in June of 2010 by physician and pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Jack Guggino. The blending process took over 2 1/2 years and resulted in a cigar that reminded Guggino of his mother's labor of love. Giovanna Gucciardo Guggino hand rolled the Churchill cigar for 40 years at Santaella and Garcia y Vega cigar factories in Tampa. Guggino fondly recalls the aroma of the Cuban tobacco leaf when his mother picked him up from school. The memory of that woodsy, pleasant and appealing aroma reminds him of the of his mother's sacrifice in the hot and humid cigar factories. As a tribute to her he wanted to blend a cigar that recaptured those wonderful and appreciative memories. Thus the Giacomo series.

The Giacomo Series

The Giacomo series includes the Churchill, Torpedo, Robusto, Lancero the box pressed Perfecto 102 and the box pressed Perfecto 102 Maduro. The cigars are blended with tobaccos from five different countries. The taste is complex, robust yet smooth and has an enticing aroma. The cigar has received high ratings amongst cigar aficionados and is now sold in over 30 locations in the Tampa Bay area, Bradenton and Sarasota.

All the tobaccos in the Giacomo cigar are aged at least three years. The countries represented are the United States, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.


Gustavo Cura, Director of Operations in Esteli, Nicaragua, is a personal friend of Dr. Guggino and oversees the harvesting, drying, fermentation, selection and grading of the tobacco leaves. He and his team are personally responsible for not only the quality but the consistency of the cigar. The cigars are received in Tampa and are stored in a 10,000 ft. humidor; an ideal tobacco environment, assuring the perfect temperature and humidity.


The Giacomo series is construction by over 800 skilled hand rollers at NACSA, the Llaneza factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.


The tobacco is supplied to NACSA by a close friend of Dr. Guggino, Mr. John Oliva. Oliva is the president of Oliva Tobacco Company, also Tampa-based, and is the second largest grower of Tobacco in Central and South America.

Guggino continues to blend different tobaccos that must be unique, exquisite and worthy of his heritage. His trips to Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic keep him in touch with all the disciplines of the tobacco industry from seed to ash. What best describes Giacomo is his love and passion and his work ethic to realize his dreams.